Petzetakis Group is one of the fastest growing plastic pipe and hose systems manufacturers worldwide, currently employing app. 1,500 people. Our global presence is supported through eleven manufacturing facilities in six countries and a comprehensive distribution network of subsidiaries and agents that extends to Europe, South Africa, America, Australia and the Middle East.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes:

-  PVC, PE and PP pipe systems used in water and sewage reticulation, telecommunication networks, natural gas distribution, drainage and discharge systems, building construction applications, advanced irrigation and mining applications.

- PVC and PU flexible hoses reinforced with steel or plastic composites are used in most industrial, agriculture and household applications.

history_images_01.jpgThe Group's parent company, Aristovoulos G. Petzetakis S.A. was established in Greece in 1960, by Aristovoulos Petzetakis, Chemical Engineer. As early as 1961, the founder established A.G. Petzetakis S.A. as a world-class innovator in the plastics industry through a revolutionary patented production method for the manufacture of flexible plastic hoses reinforced with a rigid PVC spiral. The company's products became world famous under the brand name HELIFLEX and since then, this technology was licensed to major multinational companies like Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop & Toyo.

Later on in 1969, A.G.PETZETAKIS S.A. became the first ever Greek-based multinational company when it expanded its operations in Portugal through HELIFLEX PORTUGUESA LDA (known today as HELIFLEX PETZETAKIS TUBOS), which nowadays is the market leader in the local flexible hose market.

In 1971, the Group expanded in the production of rigid PVC pipes by setting up a second production unit in Greece. Today this unit constitutes part of a greater industrial complex in Thebes, which manufactures PVC, PE and PP pipes as well as flexible PVC hoses. This industrial unit in Thebes, Greece constitutes the biggest production site of the Petzetakis Group, in terms of production capacity.

In 1972, the Petzetakis Group expands its presence in the European flexible hose market through a commercial subsidiary in Germany, A.G. Petzetakis GmbH (also known as Heliflex GmbH). The Group's long lasting presence and commitment to this important market was further enhanced in 2001 through the acquisition of Behka Plast GmbH, a niche producer of plastic flexible hoses.

From 2000 and ever since, the Group has long established its ongoing commitment for international growth; a commitment that has been demonstrated though several acquisitions and strategic participations around the world.

In 2001, two acquisitions were successfully completed. More specifically, the Petzetakis Group acquired Main Pipesystems (currently known as Petzetakis Africa Ltd) in South Africa. This company was established in 1959 and is the largest producer of plastic pipe systems in South Africa. Petzetakis Africa currently operates four plants for the manufacture of PVC and HDPE pipes and PVC flexible hoses. It also has a comprehensive sales network covering S. Africa with eleven distribution centres, ten exclusive agents and three empowerment ventures. The Group's decision to invest in South Africa stems from the significant growth potential that exists in the region as regards to building and infrastructure development. Furthermore, the company's geographic location allows for further expansion into South America and Australia.

In the same year, 2001, the Group proceeded with the acquisition of Induplas SpA in Italy, Flexiplas S.A. in Spain and Eurohose Ltd in the UK. These companies formed the Induplas Group, a major European flexible hose and electrical conduit producer with leading market shares in Italy, Spain and certain central European countries. Consequently, the Petzetakis Group established itself as one of the most important European hose manufacturers, with strong market presence all over Europe and a wide range of PVC and PU products.

A.G.PETZETAKIS taking advantage of its significant global presence and highly competitive structure is currently expanding its shares in all markets where it operates, accelerating thus the improvement of all its financial figures. The group offers a unique solution to the largest OEMs and wholesale customers not only in Europe but also in the Eastern countries as well as the North African and potentially the North American ones. The Groupís mission is to apply a focused strategy in each geographical region and offer a highly competitive full range of quality products, using our high-tech know-how and extracting all synergies and economies of scale that a leading multinational conglomerate like the Petzetakis Group can achieve.